Work Place OHS Certificate IV

Who is this course aimed at?

This qualification is the minimum requirement for Workplace Health & Safety amd is designed to enable you to understand the new National Standards for Occupational Health & Safety
This qualification is suitable for a person who is working within a company or seeking employment as:
WHS Officer/consultant, WHS Committee member, WHS Representative

What will I Learn?


How to comply with workplace health & Safety legislation, How to identify hazards, How to assess & control WHS risks


There are no entry level or prerequisities for this Qualification


This course is funded by the The Government of W.A  Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD)



Delivery and Payment Options

Face-to- Face, Within your workplace, Individually, Group Delivery, Within our Executive Training Rooms,On-line/Distance
A blended delivery of any of the above
This course can be offered as a traineeship
This course is offered as a Fee Service Arrangement
"Pay As You Go" options for Fee For Service* Ask for details
Duration: 12 Months